Yeast Infection Strep

From Strep Throat to Yeast Infection

You went to the doctor for a fever and sore throat, and he diagnosed you with strep throat and put you on an antibiotic regimen. Now, you have a yeast infection and you wonder if there is a connection. The answer is a simple, yes. There is a high incidence of antibiotics causing the overgrowth of candida, because it kills even the natural bacteria in the body, such as that responsible for keeping this fungus in check. In essence, then, what has developed is a yeast infection from strep throat treatment.

What can be Done to Prevent This?

Streptococci is, like candida albicans, a natural flora of the body that is usually found in the mouth. When it gets into the throat, though, it can cause what is commonly known as strep throat. Similarly, candida albicans is a natual flora of the vagina in women that is kept in check by the natural bacteria that may be found in the mucous of that area.

Yeast infections and strep throat become connected, then, when the antibiotics taken for the errant streptococci affect the bacteria in the mucosal lining of the vagina, which creates optimal growth conditions for candida overgrowth. To prevent connections like the one between yeast infections and strep, it is important to never taken any antibiotics unless absolutely necessary and prescribed by a licensed medical practitioner.

However, sometimes antibiotics are necessary. In the event that and antibiotic regimen cannot be prevented, there are proactive steps that may lessen an association between a bacteria like strep and a yeast infection. One such preventative measure is to eat a cup of yogurt with live cultures of lactobacillus acidophilus every day during your treatment. This bacteria is known to help control candida, so the reintroduction of it into the body while taking antibiotics may be helpful.

Additionally, avoid sugars and alcohols that provide nutrition to the candida, and avoid clothing that is tight and heat-trapping particularly in the genital area. This means that it is best to keep cotton closest to the skin and stay away from lycra and nylon while being treated with antibiotics for something like strep throat to avoid a yeast infection.

While there is no direct connection between streptococci and candida, there is certainly a causal relationship in that the treatment for one can cause the overgrowth of the other. Therefore, it is always good to be proactive as possible when taking an antibiotic, like that for strep, to avoid further afflictions like a yeast infection.


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