Lipstick Ingredients

The Key Lipstick Ingredients

The lipstick is the most common cosmetic that one may find in a womans purse or bag. Most women prefer to have it over any other cosmetic that they have. Lipstick comes in all shades and tones. The purchase of one should depend on the skin tone of the woman. Several cosmetics companies sell their lipstick brand by collection and by tones.

Most Common Lipstick Ingredients

A tube of lipstick is usually made up of the same lipstick ingredients as any other lipstick. The major elements of lipstick are wax, oil, alcohol, and pigment. Wax comes in three kinds, either beeswax, camauba wax or candelilla wax. Camauba is the more expensive wax so expect the lipstick which has this to be more costly than the others. Wax is used to form the lipstick mixture into the usual shape of the product

More common oils used for lipstick ingredients are mineral oil, caster oil, lanolin, or vegetable oil. The oil is added to the wax. The wax and oil generally makes up about 60 percent of the total weight of the lipstick. This is just an approximation since some manufacturers may give or take some percentage depending on the type of lipstick to be made.

Other key lipstick ingredients are fragrance and pigment. These are also added to the lipstick once the wax and oils are melted. The alcohol is used as a solvent for the wax and the oil while fragrance is for the scent of the lipstick. It does not even amount to more than 1 percent of the lipstick weight.

The pigment or dye is the key ingredient to any lipstick. This is the determining factor of the color of the lipstick. Various kinds of colors and tones are used to manufacture a lipstick tube. The more popular pinks and reds and nudes all need different kinds of lipstick ingredients to make them the color that the designer wants. Most pigments are derived from plants while others are chemical mixes.

Preservatives and antioxidants are also included in the lipstick ingredients because these prevent the lipstick from turning rancid. The ingredients above are the more common lipstick ingredients that one may find. Other manufacturers may add some other ingredient to make the lipstick more smooth or make it shimmer or more glossy. It is up to the laboratory to find which ingredients may make the lipstick into these. Other designers also require their lipstick to be made from all natural ingredients.

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